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BabyZen YOYO plus stroller

The most expensive, most comfortable and most stylish stroller for travel!

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Easy Walker Buggy GO Mickey

Great stroller for comfortable travel with built-in travel bag

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Easywalker Buggy XS Disney

Easywalker Buggy XS Disney is limited edition for the most stylish!

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Easywalker Buggy XS

Excellent compact and stylish stroller. Premium brands in our rental agency

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Cybex Eezy S Twist Scuderia Ferrari

Hire Cybex for Scuderia Ferrari Collection stroller in Kiev. It is for those who are not used to being like everyone. 

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Easywalker Mini Cooper

A great solution for travelling with babies. Sleeping place is 80 cm in length.

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GB Pockit+ All-Terrain

The smallest stroller in the world is now with the possibility to manoeuvre on different surfaces!

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GB Pockit+

The smallest stroller in the world

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Maclaren Quest black

Handy and durable Maclaren Quest is comfortable both for parents and kids.

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Maclaren Quest FC

Maclaren Quest FC 2019 is an updated Quest Sport model in a limited edition!

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Easywalker Harvey Stroller

One of the lightest pushchairs 2-in-1 with the stroller unit

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Maclaren Major Elite

The Maclaren Major Elite is designed specifically for children with special needs and limited physical activity. Designed for maximum weight of 50 kg.

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Stroller rental in Kiev

We are pleased to present this service to those

We hope that on our site your search will end! :)
Our range of strollers to hire is for those who put in the first place the high quality of the product and brand. In our work, we do our best as rented stroller after customer usage came to another one in a condition like new. To do this, we have our own laundry room, and we ourselves are responsible for the cleanliness and accuracy of all our strollers.


When should I rent a pushchair?
What types of strollers are available for rent in different occasions?


This list can be even longer, but we think that for those who are just getting familiar with the rental service of strollers  – it somehow explains the idea of such strollers hire.

Lightweight stroller or buggies for families on the go
For those who plan to travel by car or by plane one of the issue is finding the most lightweight and compact stroller. If it’s important to solve the question with the carry-on – we have the most compact strollers for hire. There is also a combination of the infant car seat and stroller. A particularly relevant offer for a child aged 2-5 months for your active air travel.

To hire a stroller for travelling with older children
Travelling with children from 3 years old who are already stamping with their own feets a lot and do without a stroller, parents often start looking for a stroller that can withstand the larger weight of the child. This is usually a load of about 25 kg. We also have such strollers! These are only umbrella strollers.

Stroller City Colored wall

Special pushchairs
Baby Service also offers stroller rent for children with limited activity. If the child after an injury or with plaster cast – such special stroller can be also rented from us. Believe us, you will greatly ease your life for such a period!

We work with great models and brands of buggies and umbrella strollers.
There is a model with a swivel seat that can face both ways: to mother and forward.
There are strollers with a detachable carrycot. If we work with such brands, then the issue of adapters for our customers will no longer arise.
We have adapters, raincoats, and transport bags for all compact strollers.


Comfort for our customers

Can I order a stroller rental in Kyiv in advance?
Of course! You can book the right stroller for the right period. Then we guarantee its availability on the date you need. During the national holidays, vacation periods such a guarantee without reservation is very difficult to provide.

Is it possible to order delivery in Kyiv?
Yes, we have the delivery and pickup option. And there are no extra charges for delivery urgency!
We deliver all baby equipment for rent as quickly as possible, as a rule, on the day of order. At the same time, we preliminary agree on the delivery time with you. We serve both Left and Right Banks of Kyiv. Any Kyiv Region.

Can we look over the stroller In Kyiv before renting?
If you would like to see «in vivo» :)  the quality and excellent appearance of our strollers you can always come to us at the showroom on 9-b, A. Koshitsa Str.  You can see them here, touch them and seat the baby in to try it. It often happens that moms and dads come for one thing and look at others or «trying on» child the stroller or something else and leave with a completely different product! Therefore, we always recommend that you visit us if possible! Then you will definitely make the right choice!

What to do if I don’t know which stroller hire and is it suitable?
If you don’t know which stroller model or brand to choose for rent, please, contact us on viber +380633660095 or e-mail:
The main thing what you need to know is the age of the child. We will make the advice in details for you.
We have the largest experience in Ukraine in the rental of children’s goods, so we can definitely help you too!

Welcome Baby Service Kyiv

We have been engaged in the rental of baby products with passion and interest since 2005. We first this service to moms and dads in Ukraine almost 15 years ago, and our professional growth at Baby Service has not stopped since then.

There are other 8-10 companies work in Kyiv apart from us, and each one has an offer for strollers rental. And if some models and brands you can find out in different rental agencies, then do not be surprised at the difference in the rental price at the same time. We already have written why Rentals shouldn’t be compared only by the price of baby equipment (if you want, you read about this here).

Baby Service Kyiv

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Whether it to worry does a stroller fit onboard hand luggage size requirements or not if your baby is under 2 years old? Never mind!

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