Baby Strollers Rental in Baby Service Kyiv

Rental Terms & Conditions

Rental Cost

Depends on the rental period and the original cost of the goods.
We have 2 tariff plans
2. PERIODS, namely:

The day of the delivery and pick up are counted as TWO separate rental days, regardless of the delivery/return time on these days.

Rental cost for each product is indicated separately on their pages.


Contract & Payments

For the Contract execution, passport details of who will sign it have to be provided.

Couriers arrive with a printed Rental Contract and an Acceptance Act.

Advance Payment (the amount indicated for each item separately) and the Security Deposit or Pledge (if specified) should be made when the goods are handed over.
The amount of the Advance Payment and the Deposit are indicated for a case when you have a residence registration in Kyiv or Kyiv region.
The Deposit is subject of the negotiation if you live not in Kyiv or you have only International Passport!

Payments are accepted in cash and by Visa, Master Card on the page PAYMENT on our main site (any cards issued in Ukraine, CIS, Europe, Australia). If your card is issued in another country please contact us in advance.

Advance Payment
Usually it enough for 7-45 days of hire. If you need equipment more than for this period, then you should make an additional payment for the next 30 days of the rent.

When you return the item we calculate the rental cost from the total amount of the payment you made and return the rest of the money to you.

It is a permanent balance. It is not used for the rent. It is returned to you in FULL or can be used only to cover expenses of lost packaging, small parts or additional cleaning of the goods with traces of food, stains, etc.

Rental Payments
The service is given on a prepaid basis.
If there is money on the account you can use the equipment. 
If money is over you should either return the hired item or pay for the next period (a month or above).
Payment is due the day before the end of the previous advance payment. This date is indicated in the Acceptance Act.

The penalty will be charged if the Advance payment is exhausted and you continue to use the item but for some reason have not paid for the next month.


How To Hire a Product

Please call us or send the request by email/viber, in chat or fill out the order form on the site to clarify the availability of the equipment.

We will always be able to suggest what kind of product is suit your baby according to the age.
If you are going to pick up the item by yourself in our office/showroom let us know what do you want to book (so that others parents who arrive an hour earlier did not take it :))


Order, Delivery & Return in Kiev

The delivery/pickup costs are indicated on each product page.
They are different.
We will deliver either on the day of the order or the next day. More often on the day of the order.
90% of orders Baby Service serves on the DAY OF ORDER.
Then you will need to sign the Rental Contract and the and Acceptance Act.
For the Contract execution, you will need passport information of the person who signs the Contract.
If you are not registered in Kiev, then the amount of the Deposit will be higher.
Check it please with the office manager. 
The rental cost does not depend on your registration.
Make a payment in cash to the courier or by card on the website page


How To Book an Item

Product Booking payment is a part of the advance payment. Its amount is of 200 UAH. You should make it on the payment page of our main website in the section Product Booking or by cash in our office.

An item is considered reserved only from the moment we receive the indicated booking amount.

If for some reason your plans change and you don’t rent the item this amount is not refundable.
If everything goes according to plan then this amount will be added to your advance payment.

We recommend to make the booking of seasonal products like strollers, car seats, playpen when they are very actively travelling))

Only then we can to guarantee you the availability of the right item at the right time.
We never accept booking unless we understand that we will not be able to fulfil our obligations.



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