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Prams and strollers for the travel
To hire a stroller it’s like renting a car. You travel to Kyiv for a short period of time then take a stroller for rent and feel yourself mobile here as at home. Are you going to travel somewhere from Kyiv? Do you take a plane? There are strollers that go like carry-on baggage.
Car seats
Take care of your child safety
Renting a car seat is like renting an umbrella on a beach. Did you stay in Kyiv for a while? Do you need to provide safety for your child in a car travelling around the city? Hire the car seat according to your baby age and weight. Or maybe you are going to make a small trip to Europe by car? The driving and roads laws are stricter there. Hire the car seat for your trip and the safety of the child and the harmonious relationship with the local police is guaranteed. 
Comfy cots and cribs
Renting a cot for a child is easy and very handy. Are you visiting Kyiv not for long? Did you stay with your granny, friends, in a hotel or did you renting an apartment? Hire a nice and comfy crib for your baby. Let sleep well you and your baby. Make yourself at home!

We Recommend

Cybex Eezy S Twist Scuderia Ferrari

Hire Cybex by Scuderia Ferrari stroller in Kiev. It is for those who are not used to being like everyone. 

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Easywalker Mini Cooper

A great solution for travelling with babies. Sleeping place is 80 cm in length.

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Maclaren Quest black

Maclaren Quest black

Handy and durable Maclaren Quest is comfortable both for parents and kids.

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