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Cybex Eezy S Twist Scuderia Ferrari


1-4 days - 556 UAH (min rental period)
5-21 days - 139 UAH per day
22 days and more - 10% discount

Refundable deposit by agreement


Cybex Strollers for rent in Kyiv (Kiev).
For those who are used to be “not like others”...
If suddenly this stroller is not suitable for you, then look at other pushchairs for rent.

Touching this pushchair brings an understanding that when the smells and tactile feelings are able to be transmitted via the internet, the premium brands will get a possibility to sell online even more:)

The photo can’t show the reaaal quality of the fabric, the reaaal smooth one-hand seat rotation movement, the reaaal good wheels suspension, the reaaal pleasure, which you get simply by using this pushchair.

Yes, the Cybex is known for the high-quality of all materials, handiness and safety of all products for children.

We understand perfectly well that a lightweight stroller for trips can be your one and an only pushchair, or it can be your “Plan B” , which covers very specific needs.

However as it happens from time to time, you may need this kind of stroller for a short period of time. In this case to hire the stroller can be the most right decision. Moreover at such price ;)

Baby Service offers you Cybex Twist stroller for rent from unique collectionCybex for Scuderia Ferrari.
Color: Victory Black (black with dark-red elements).

For even more comfort we have added the rain-cover and the adapters for Cybex car seat. This accessories are bought separately but you can add them to your RENT order of this stroller for FREE!

Some words about Cybex S Twist model.

Comparing to the previous Cybex S model with this one you get a possibility to turn the seat for 360°! Also the Cocoon for newborns has been added (can be bought separately).
All in all, you get:
1. a lightweight stroller and;
2. a lightweight pram for a newborn at once. 

The rotatable seat unite allows choosing a parent-facing stroller set-up. This is first of all essential for the stroller with Cocoon. The Cocoon is fixed safely to a smooth hard bottom of the pushchair. Also, you can use such positioning of the seat unit if the baby is used to sit parent-facing. There is only one nuance in that case - the absence of the adequate footrest for a kid. Though footrest available if you turn the seat in forward-facing.

The size of the seat, the backrest is big enough for comfortable sleeping: 68 cm from the highest point of the backrest to the lowest edge of the seat.

There is a very large canopy, which protects your child from the rain, snow and sun. The shopping basket is also large enough (especially as for the such lightweight stroller).

All fabric (including the canopy) is simply removing without any screws. This makes handling even easier.

This stroller can be taken as hand luggage if you are travelling by plain. Though we recommend clarifying this issue with your airline to prevent any misunderstanding (for example at the beginning of this year IAU had significantly decreased the weight and size that allowed to be taken as the luggage).

Nevertheless, this stroller is worth your attention. It’s very suitable for travelling by car, train and plane, and simply for going for a walk. This stroller really draws attention to itself.

Come and try it out with your kid. We are always happy to see you in our showroom.
We recommend booking in advance for your vacation time. Just because in this case you will be sure that you will get your stroller at the exact day and time.

Key Advantages

  • Lightweight, handy, compact.
  • Splendid stylish design.
  • One-hand folding.
  • Suitable for newborn (only with cocoon).
  • 360° rotatable seat unite.
  • 4-wheels suspension.
  • Adjustable backrest up to the full lie-flat position.
  • Wheels are small and agile.
  • Large extendable sun canopy.
  • Large storage basket.
SuitableFrom birth up to 4 years
Maximum Weight Up to 17 kg
Item Weight (Chassis+)7.8 kg
Folded Size L x W x H 56 x 45 x 25 cm
Chassis Width (max) -- cm
Back Length -- cm
Seat Depth -- cm
Place for sleep-- cm
Seat Width -- cm
Brand CYBEX (Germany)
Available coloursRed with black
Accessories included  
Bumper Y
Car seat adapters --
Travel bag --

Cybex by Scuderia Ferrari review

How to use

Delivery, collection - 130 UAH
Free pickup from our office

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