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Graco 4Ever All-in-1

A really nice option for kids of different ages!

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Maxi-Cosi AxissFix

Car seat for the safest journey of kids 61-105 cm in height. Complies with the new I-SIZE safety standard. 

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Caretero Defender Plus

Based on the feedback from our clients it is most suitable for 1-2 years old kids

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4baby Broadway

Comfortable with concise design 4baby Broadway car seat for babies from birth up to 4 years.

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Rent car seat in Kyiv

To hire a car seat in Kyiv is the easiest and most correct way to ensure children safety in a car when you come to city only for a short period. Or if you nee the car seat only for travel. If you live in Kiev and drive your car (or not your own) regularly, then there is no question at all do you need a baby car seat or not. It’s like asking do you personally need a seat belt in the car?

Ремень безопасности

It is clear that everyone needs it! But standard car seat belts are not suitable for children due to their small height. Therefore restraint devices are created for each age and/or height of the child (simply – car seats). 

What types of car seats are exist at the end of 2019, we already wrote in this article. We recommend that you read it if you are still unaware. 

And we keep going.

What types of car seats are available for rent at Baby Service?
We can offer our customers to hire car seats for any age of the child. From birth to growing up:) children up to 145 cm.  Once they achieve this stature, you can already use a car seat belt and do not worry that if something happens (God forbid, of course) there will be even more injuries. It’s just exactly what happens when a regular seat belt is used too early for children or a car seat is not suitable for height.  

Малыш за рулем

Our Baby Service Rental Agency works with the best global brands such as Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, Recaro, Britax. These are companies that are trendsetters on safety and quality in car seats for children. Of course, the cost of these car seats is appropriate as well to buy as for rent. But on our shelves there are also completely budget option of car seats. The choice is always yours!

What category of the car seat to choose?
If you don’t know which category of a car seat you need, then the main thing is to know the baby’s height and weight (or age, if the baby is under one year old). We can always tell you which models of car seats renting are right for you, or rather, your little passenger. We have been engaged in Car Seats Rental since 2005, and we see children of different ages in different car seats every day, listen to parents’ feedback after trips, so you can really trust us and listen to our tips :) Well, in more detail about different categories, we again refer to our a separate article.


Comfort for our customers 

Can I book a car seat rental in advance?
Of course, you can! Considering the specifics of renting car seats, which are seasonality, long holidays and some other moments, we always guarantee the availability of goods, and yes, we have the booking possibility.  If you paid the reservation, then you can be 158% !! confident that you will have this car seat on the right day and time. For us, this is not always easy and profitable, to be honest. But we know for sure that it is convenient for our clients. And the meaning of our work is to make life more comfortable and happier. That is the truth! Do you agree?  

What is the condition of our car seats?
Just great! Fairly. If you are planning to rent a car seat at Baby Service Kyiv, then by default, don’t even bother with this question. We carefully look for the appearance of all goods, regularly clean and wash covers. And you will never know what kind of fruit, cookies or juices the kid of the previous customers ate :) We have our own laundry and we ourselves look for the condition of the textiles. 

Is there any delivery?
Choose what is more convenient for you – delivery or pickup by yourself in our showroom. We can deliver to the desired address in Kiev without any extra charges for urgency. And we welcome you to our office showroom. Come, see, touch, choose. We strongly recommend that you come to «try on» with the kids, especially when they have already grown up from one category of car seats, but have not to the next yet .

If you «try on» car seat on baby (or in the car seat) :) you will immediately understand which model to choose for rent. And do not forget about the season! In winter time there are more clothes on the child and it could be not so comfy in the same car seat as in summer. 

Мальчик в машине

What cars can we install car seats in?
Here in our rental service, you will find a car seat model for any car to rent. But if there is no seat belt in the car, then no car seat will fit. For more information on the types of child car seats we recommend reading our article.

What is the rental price?
The rental cost is indicated on the page of each car seat separately. We have two rental tariff plans: daily (more expensive models) and weekly (budget options). It is also could be possible additional discount for a long rental period by agreement. In any case, we hope that you will find a suitable car rental option for yourself and your visit to Kyiv will always be as comfortable and safe as possible for the babies!  

Ночная дорога

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